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Premier Solutions Servicing assists individuals to simply help prepare the documents and submit on clients behalf in applying for a repayment plan that best benefits them. Our mission is to educate individuals with student loan debt on all the possible repayment options. Most student loan service providers will not inform their clients of all the available options that would benefit their clients. We have student loan specialists that provide a comprehensive assessment of your federal loans and explore all possible repayment options that would be beneficial to you. Here at Premier Solutions Servicing our number one goal is customer satisfaction.


Premier Solutions Servicing will prepare the documents, using the information that you have provided us. We will then submit the application on your behalf for your loan servicers to reivew. Premier Solutions does not negotiate your student loan debt or speak to any loan servicers on your behalf. Premier Solutions will explain all the different programs that are available to you base off of the information that you provide. There are no guarantees that you will get approved, if your consolidation is not approved through the Department of Education, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!  "Terms Available Upon Request"


Their specialists were really knowledgeable and very quick to respond.

Eric Wang

I was really fortunate to find Premier Solutions Servicing. Not only did they lower my monthly payment, I feel comfortable that my loans are in good hands. Tony was really patient with me with my questions. I would recommend this company to anyone who is having trouble with their student loan payments. Thank you Premier Solutions Servicing and thank you Tony. :)

Tiffany Mattel

I have been in the program since November and I am so happy with this Company. It is so easy to communicate with my agent. Oliver really cares. He is very detailed and has educated me so much. My payments are lower than before and now I can finally save up for my kids education which is really going to be expensive. I recommend this company to everyone. Hopefully Oliver is still there when my kids graduates. Thanks Oliver!!

Mike Scott

Oliver was a great help. He was genuine and really help me. He educated me on how I can do this on my own for free and was not worried about make a sale off of me. Even though he educated me on how everything works it is still a lot of work and research that I would definitely get lost doing it on my own. But I now I am in good hands with Premeir Solutions Servicing because they are honest and I know I can reach them any time I have a concern. I would definitely recomment them to anybody who is looking for someone who needs help choosing a repayment plan that would benefit them not the loan servicer.

Erika Moreno


Premier Solutions Servicing is the one of the KEYS TO SUCCESS! After finishing my Masters degree, one of the last things I wanted to do was have to navigate through the maze of Federal Student Loans. It was such a wise choice for me to choose Premier Solutions Servicing to service my Federal Student Loans. From the moment I got on the phone with Gina at Premier Solutions Servicing, I knew that I made the right choice. She explained everything so clearly to me about what they will be doing with my loans - From finding me a lower monthly payment amount, and also describing the terms of my repayment, and how the student loan forgiveness works - I couldn't be happier. Throughout the process, they stay in contact with me, calling frequently and emailing if there is a change in the status of my loans. Today, in fact, I spoke with Lan, who was so sweet and just wanted to provide me an update on the status of my loans. I recommend Premier Solutions Servicing to ALL my friends, especially the ones who complain about their loans. After partnering with this company, all I have to do is sit back, make my LOWER monthly payments, and let them handle the rest! Thank you Premier Solutions Servicing, especially Gina and Lan!

Alison Leblanc

They have been a wonderful help! Kevin Sharp helped me with everything. I gave them all my information and they took care of the rest. I would get phone calls throughout the initial process updating me on everything. And once it was done they called to verify everything and sent my all my paperwork in the mail. I have it set up as an automatic payment and if anything ever goes wrong I get a text message instantly asking how I want to proceed, I can even text back! They have made paying my student loans back so easy and I don't ever worry about like I was before I found out about PSS!

Hannah Koller

I called PSS based off an article my dad read. I asked them if I were eligible for any type of programs to help me deal with my navient payments. The representative was very nice and walked me through everything and got me on an unbelievably low payment and it is going to save me over $50,000 in the long run. I could not be happier with them, and frequentlu recommend them to my friends!

Zachary Patrick

I have been drowning my student loans for I can't say enough about how professional and life saving PPS has been to me. They have beyond helpful in answering all my questions and walking me through the process of transferring/helping me with my loans. I have been telling all my friends about PPS and I highly recommend PPS to anyone who is drowning from their school loans. Oliver and his team will help you beyond your dreams.

Ty Lacey

Very easy to work with. I was looking for some way to either reduce or combine my loan payments into something manageable and 'Zach the Loan Guy' walked me through it step-by-step. We even found out that I qualify for a federal forgiveness program since I work for a public university. Awesome!

Derek Niewohner

Very helpful and professional !!! Oliver Pomazi was so great with putting up with all of my questions . They handled all of my questions with ease and kindness . Thank you Premier Solutions :)

Jessica Rivera-Onorati

Amazing customer service, they are there to help you every step of the way. Frank is amazing! I recommend them to everyone!!

Ana Jimenez

Very professional staff! Oliver Pomazi was so great with putting up with all of my questions and the process was so quick! Laura is awesome too! They handled all of my worries with kindness and now my student loan payment is lower! Thank you Premier Solutions :)

Dana Mowry

Never thought it would be as great as they are. Very helpful and got everything done asap. At 1st I was scared but they made me feel safe. Thank you Mark, Oliver and Laura! I've definitely recommended them with others!

Jacky Alvizures

Very good customer service! Helpful staff..

Zachary Johnson

Premier Solutions Servicing BBB Business Review

Premier Solutions Servicing BBB Business Review